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Heather Bonitz Moore ATR-BC, LPC, IECMH-E® is the ITMHCA Endorsement Coordinator. She is available to explain Endorsement® policies and protocols, as well as answer any questions you may have about the Endorsement® process. Heather can provide support via email, phone or a virtual meeting. Please contact her at

TEN Steps to Endorsement® by ITMHCA

  1. Become a member of ITMHCA
  2. Determine which Endorsement® category is best for you based on your scope of practice: promotion, prevention, intervention, or leadership
  3. Register on EASy, the ITMHCA web-based system for compiling applications for Endorsement®. The first time you visit EASy, select "Register" under "New Applicant"
  4. To register, EASy requires you to provide a brief description of your work, education, and RSC experiences. Complete and submit, including payment of the EASy Registration Fee
  5. Log into EASy using the username and password issued to you via email from EASy and begin to prepare your application!
  6. Work on your application!
  7. Once completed, submit your application along with the Processing Fee
  8. Your application will undergo an application review. For Infant Mental Health Specialist and Infant Mental Health Mentor applicants, you'll also need to successfully pass an Endorsement® exam
  9. Endorsement®!
  10. Proudly use your IMH-E® credential to tell employers, parents, health and legal practitioners, and insurance providers that you have expertise related to the social and emotional development of infants and young children in families

Upcoming Submission Deadlines and TENTATIVE Exam Dates

New registration and applications for IFA, IFS, IFRS, IMHS and IMHM may be submitted on an ongoing basis. Submissions that are received between October through January will take longer to review due to the concurrent renewal period.

Applicants for the IMHS and IMHM categories must submit their portfolio at least 6 weeks prior to exam dates and they will be notified approximately two weeks prior if they are approved to sit for the exam. Applicants are encouraged to begin preparing for the exam while their application is being approved.

Applicants who are approved to sit for the exam will be connected to the Alliance for the Advancement of Infant Mental Health to complete the exam through the virtual platform, Question Mark.

Fees Associated with ITMHCA Endorsement®

 ITMHCA MembershipEASy RegistrationEndorsement Processing
Infant Family Associate$60$15$25
Infant Family Specialist$60$20$100
Infant Family Reflective Supervisor$60$20$100
Infant Mental Health Specialist$60$25$200
Infant Mental Health Mentor$60$25$300

ITMHCA now offers a student discount for membership.
For questions about Endorsement® please email